On June 14, 2013, DNGL members from the Global Project Team, University of Kochi, and University Hyogo gathered in Tokyo to attend a seminar entitled “Ethical Issues in Disaster Nursing: Ethics Knowledge and Practice for Nurses in Times of Disaster.”

At this seminar, two internationally renowned nursing experts gave lectures on ethics and disaster. Dr. Ann J. Davis from University of California at San Francisco addressed parameters and dimensions of ethnics in the present time and ethical responsibilities of nurses. The lecture progressed to more serious and dire question of abiding by ethics in times of disasters or crises. Dr. Davis illustrated examples of disaster rescue procedures in the US and posed a question about the current standard care practices in Japan.

She closed her talk with difficult cases in which nurses face ethical dilemmas and prompt ethical decision-makings in disaster settings. In the afternoon session, the members reconvened to attend the lecture by Dr. Samantha Pang from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University. Dr. Pang addressed dilemmas health professionals face when carrying out personal care in times of a disaster or crisis due to conflicting ethical obligations.

Dr. Pang illustrated how disaster nurses must weigh between her commitment to care for individual patients and also to do greater goods to the whole society at large. These lectures were followed by a Q&A session. The seminar concluded with a speech by the DNGL program director, Dr. Sayumi Nojima.

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