Privacy Policy

The Disaster Nursing Global Leader (DNGL) Program complies with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information and other regulations pertaining to the protection of personal information (hereafter “regulations”) and collects the personal information of users of its website ( to the extent required to efficiently manage its website services (information provision, requesting materials, etc.). The DNGL Program handles personal information of its website users appropriately in accordance with the following policy, which applies only to the DNGL website.

1. Collection of personal information

The DNGL Program collects personally identifiable information (such as name, address, telephone number, and age) when users make an inquiry, request materials, or apply for the various open lectures organized by the program. When we receive email inquiries, the sender’s email address is displayed in the recipient’s inbox.

2. Purpose of use of personal information

The DNGL Program uses personal information collected from website users for the purpose of responding to inquiries, disseminating materials, and conducting attendance procedures for various open lectures.

3. Information management system

The DNGL Program appropriately manages personal information collected via its website. Furthermore, the DNGL Program endeavors to protect the personal information of its users by taking adequate and reasonable countermeasures against not only leakage of information but also loss, destruction, and manipulation of information or unauthorized external access.

In order to manage retained personal information, the DNGL Program appoints a manager for the protection of personal information, who oversees operations related to the management of personal information and takes the necessary measures to ensure its appropriate management.

4. Disclosure of personal information

The DNGL Program does not provide the personal information of its website users to third parties, except in the case of disclosure to organizations entrusted with its operations or its partners to achieve the purposes for which it collects personal information. When providing personal information submitted by users to third parties, the DNGL Program endeavors to protect against leakage or reprovision of information by these third parties through reasonable methods such as contractual obligation. However, when the DNGL Program must disclose personal information due to legal imperatives or urgent necessity recognized by the university, we may disclose personal information to external organizations.

5. Revision and deletion of personal information

The DNGL Program amends or deletes personal information upon receipt of a request from an individual for amendment or discontinuation of the use of personal information.

6. Access logs

The DNGL Program maintains access logs regarding its website users (pages visited, access time, keywords used in search engine to access the website, etc.) and uses this information to manage and analyze the access state of its website. The DNGL Program does not use access logs to collect individually identifiable information.

7. Links to external sites

The DNGL website contains links to external sites; however, the DNGL Program does not share personal information via these links. The DNGL Program does not bear any responsibility for the collection of personal information by external sites associated with links contained on its website. Please contact the external site for further information on this matter.

8. Others

The DNGL Program revises and amends the content of this privacy policy when necessary in compliance with Japanese laws and ordinances such as the Personal Information Protection Law and other rules and regulations.

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