Disaster and Nursing:Overview

In the world, nurses have been working on disaster nursing research and practice, from supporting survivors in the affected areas to training the specialist.

However, It is reveal that we have no leader of disaster nursing who could grasp the entire problem broadly in perspective and make the decision in the aftermath of the Great East Japan Earthquake on March 11, 2011.

A lot of problems were overlooked; because we worked on the disaster cycle-based activity as compose vertical structure without multi-sector corporation. and what’s worse, next disaster is unpredictable all over the world in the nature of things.

Against this situation it is urgently necessary for nursing to establish  the new disaster nursing as well as educate the global leaders.

Following this flow, it has been initiated a project to found new doctoral degree course for Disaster Nursing Global Leader. With the participation of the 5 universities in Japan.


Overview of DNGL program



・Ph.D. (Nursing), DNGL



・To conduct innovative research and develop theories which can be applied to nursing practices in cooperation with other professionals in related disciplines

・To contribute towards promotion of human security through educating nurses with profound understanding in disaster nursing


・This graduate program for disaster nursing aims to create global nurse leaders who can respond to and solve a wide range of problems in disasters and exercise interdisciplinary leadership in international settings.

 Educational outcome

・Problem-solving skills related to disasters with multiple and systemic perspectives and comprehensive and international framework

・Nursing leaders who can respond to local/global disasters

 Potential for growth

・Seamless nursing practice in disaster risk reduction through cycle-based disaster mitigation

・Advancing scholarship through exploration of new research and expansion of interdisciplinary methodologies

・Paradigm shift (globalization, complex, interdisciplinary, restructuring)

・System model for interdisciplinary collaboration and human security

Ripple effects

・Development of public and private intramural education

・Formation of a graduate school, which is a coalition of public and private universities

・Proposal to reform the international model for graduate program

・Promote the safety and security of societies


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