message from president of host university


Hiroko Minami,President

Nowadays, humanity encounters the occurrence of numerous diverse, complex and even prolonged natural and manmade disasters that are threatening lives of people regardless of their nationality.

Nation-based response to disaster is becoming less and less sufficient, suggesting the necessity of innovative interdisciplinary approaches.

Up to now, disaster nursing has been restricted to the field of classical nursing education, research and practice. However, the Tohoku/Fukushima incident on 11 March 2011 brought new challenges to disaster nursing practice that have not been experienced before. There is an urgent to develop a disaster response system as we are facing the imminence of the great Nankai earthquake which is predicted to occur in a near future.

To respond to these challenges, the University of Kochi, the University of Hyogo, the Tokyo Medical and Dental University, the Chiba University and the Japanese Red Cross College of Nursing have put their resources and expertise together to launch a new graduate program in disaster nursing.

The philosophy behind this program is to ensure human safety in time of disaster.

We aim at creating global leaders in the field of disaster nursing who will contribute to promoting health and safety in disaster-affected societies. These future leaders will have needed skills to provide appropriate response and contribute to solving disaster-caused health and social issues and demonstrate leadership in global and interdisciplinary humanitarian intervention sites.

Currently, there are approximately 200 universities with nursing education programs and over 1500,000 nurses working at different medical settings in Japan.

As the number of schools increases, we have the ambition of creating a nursing program that will provide a quality education that will advance nursing research and practice for graduate nurses to acquire necessary expertise and skills to be implemented in their profession.

It is my utmost and sincere request that you support this program and related research projects.


Hiroko Minami,President University of Kochi

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